miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Verbos con letra B

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Back – va. mover, después de un verbo equivale a regresar, volver.    s.-atrás.
-I’ll be back intime, I promise. 
-So, she went back to the surgeon the same year. 

Ban- va. prohibir. 
-The nation was banned from having contact with foreigners.
-All dogs should be banned from our country. 

Banish – va. deportar, desterrar, ahuyentar. 
-The techniques have long been banished from common use. 

Bark – va. raspar, encostrar.      vn. ladrar.    barking– s. ladrido.
-They sounded like German shepherds barking

Be - vn. ser, estar, tener, existir.  [ p. was, were - pp. been]. Being- (being)  ger. de TO BE.
-The special care be taken to reduce alcoholism. – que especial cuidado sea tomado
-Government and authorities required that all education be in Spanish. - sea en español 

Bear – va. mantener, sostener.   vn.-aguantar.   [ p. bore - pp. borne,born].
-He couldn’t bear having 6 unidentified cell cultures in his bank.
-The right to bear arms. – El derecho de portar armas   (The right to freedom) 

Beat- va.vn.  batir, golpear, pulsar.   s. [ p. beat - pp. beaten o beat].
-I don’t need to beat you today.
-If the abusive, alcoholic man who beat him for reading books, has evidences. 

Become- (bicam), va. convenir a.  vn. ponerse, hacerse, volverse, convertirse en.      becoming- a. conveniente, propio, decoroso.
-At your age you don’t need to become a lawyer.
-They became close friends.- Ellos llegaron a ser amigos unidos. 

Beg- va. rogar, pedir, suplicar.    vn. vivir de limosna, mendingar. 
-When Charlotte begged him, 

Begin- va.vn. comenzar, empezar. [ p. began o begun- pp. begun.]
-This is the legend from beginning to end.
-So, since the beginning of television, people can subscribe to this business. 

Believe – (biliv), va.vn. creer.     belief- s. fe, creencia.    believer-s. creyente.    believable-a. creíble.
-I don’t believe them at all.
-Makeup, coverage so natural, you’ll hardly believe it’s there. 

Bend- va. vn.   combar, inclinar, corvar.  s.-comba, corva. [p. y pp. bent].    bent- s. curvatura, tendencia, de tensión.  a.- curvo, torcido, inclinado.
-Now bend to the right at the waist as you sit down again.
-They had to bend your feet and pull them in toward your chest as your flexibility allows. 

Bestow- (bistou), va. conceder, otorgar. 
-The complex theology and dogma that bestow on this humble woman. 

Bet – va. apostar. vn. apostarse.   s.- apuesta.
-IBM and CompuServe bet that the real lure would be a good idea.
-I bet a guy could make a lot of money. 

Betray – (bitrei), va. traicionar, vender, engañar.
-I felt so betrayed. - Me siento tan traicionado 

Bid – va. vn.  ofrecer, decir(en el juego), decir(en saludo)     s.-postura, propuesta.
-Nobody ever asked us to bid on it before.
-For competitive bidding and another 51,000 for direct buys. 

Bilk- va. estafar, defraudar, engañar.         s.-estafador, trampa, estafa.
-Artists are using a shocking scheme to bilk prospective parents out of thousands of dollars. 
Bills- (bil), va. cargar en la cuenta, enviar una cuenta a, adeudar, facturar.   s.- documento, billete.
-For those who bills at roughly $200 an hour. 

Bind- (baind), va.vn. atar, ligar.    s.-lazo, [p. pp - bound]  a.-atado, amarrado.
-Ralph has been bound to this furniture. - ha sido amarrado
-The ties that no longer bindlos lazos que no aprietan mas. 

Bite-(bait), va.vn.s.  morder, mordedura  [ p. bit -  pp. bitten].
-You can act like them, but stay there or he bites!
-The explorers are bitten all the times by insects, rats and rabbits in that cave. 

Blame (bleim), va. culpar.     s.- culpa, delito.
-It's surprising they didn't blame her for them not having enough money to bring about world peace. 


Bleach –(blich), va.  blanquear, decolorado.   s.- blanqueamiento     bleacher – s.  blanqueador.
-So, if you have a thing for bleached blonde hair and muscles, this article is for you. 

Bleed- (blid), va.vn. sangrar. 
-Bleeding is a risk of any operation, particularly in the pelvis. 

Blend – va.vn.s. mezcla.      [ pp. blended o blent].
-Supplex is a nylon microfiber, is often blended with spandex for a great, comfortable fit.
-Just so that I can blend in, and people won't suspect. 

Blink- va. guiñar.  vn. parpadear.   s.-pestañeo.

Blow- va.s. soplar, ventarrón.  [ p. blew - pp.blown].
-The wind blew the fire towards him.
-They have hair inside their sleeping bags even when a storm was blowing around them. 

Boast –(boust), vn.s. alardear,  presumir, presume, alarde.
-Bill Gates puffed out his chest and boasted of the innovations his company had made.
-You hear him boasting that he got into Harvard and Yale. 

Bolt – (boult), vn. arrojo.   vn. saltar, lanzarse.

Boost- va.  impulsar, fomentar.    s.-alza, ayuda, asistencia.
-You can fight disease and boost immunity right at the supper table.
-You will boost your self-confidence. 

Born[no se toma como verbo.]  con  to be born.   To be born- nacer.  a.-nacido, de nacimiento, por naturaleza.
-A new campus antidrug organization was born

Borrow – (barou), va. vn. pedir prestado, apropiarse.
-This weekend he borrowed a jeep, with television.
-Through the vast majority of folks who borrow money promptly repay the debt. 

Bother- va. vn. incomodar (se), molestar (se).   s.-molestia.
-But to be honest, what bothered me most was the publicity.
-Anywhere far away from people. I can't be bothered when at home. 

Bounce – (báuns), vn. rebotar, brincar.   va. hacer saltar o botar.   s.- salto, brinco.
-Then he bounces the ball exactly three times, in the room. 

Bound- va. deslindar, limitar, parcelar.    vn.brincar.
-What 2 oceans bound the United States?
-They have a formal Restaurant that is not bound by material things. 

Brake – va.s. frenar.

Break –(breik), va.vn.s.  romper, romperse, rotura. [ p. broke o brake – pp. broken].
-I loved Bear Bryant, but if somebody has to break his record I hope it’s you. 

Breathe –vn. respirar, alentar.    va. inspirar, respirar.      breath- s. respiración.    breathing- s. respiración.
-An infant who seems to breathe rapidly.
-I had a short practice run but was very reluctant to breathe in gas through a mask. 

Breed(brid), va.vn.s.  criar, engendrar, multiplicar,  prole. [p. pp. bred].  breeding –s. crianza, prole.

Bribe – (braib), va.s. sobornar, soborno.  

Bring- va.  traer, [ p. pp. brought].
-We need you, but bring your friends quickly.
-That was made by the attorney who brought suit on behalf of Deedra’s husband. 

Broadcast – va.vn. esparcir, diseminar.  s.- emisión, transmisión.  a.- esparcido, difundido.  [ p. pp. broadcasted ]. broadcasting – s. transmisión.

Build- (bild), va.vn.   construir, edificar.    s.-estructura.   building- s. casa, edificio, edificación.
-A railway has been built through the Brazilian jungle.
-The most profitable platform for building their business. 

Bury- va. enterrar.  burying- s. entierro.
-Last night I had stopped to bury garbage in the yard.
- The "corona", which was buried in obscurity for centuries. 

Busy – (bisi), va. ocupar.   vr. ocuparse.    a.-ocupado.
-When her friend took ill, Martha busied herself with his care.
-Appreciate you've been busy and also you've paid out for a domain name.